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  • Chartering

    Our company is dedicated in providing high quality Chartering services for its clients based on years of experience, highly skilled personnel and a vast network within the shipping industry. We offer exceptional, global chartering services by understanding our clients’ needs and offering tailor made solutions. By thoroughly assessing the market, being always up to date and having established a successful working relationship with some of the most prestigious companies within the shipping industry, we aim to create value for our clients and forge a trusting relationship.

  • Marine Equipment

    Our strong customer relationships that have been built through the years, based on our continuous efforts to exceed our customer needs and expectations have made us the representative of choice for marine equipment suppliers. Great Shipping Co. Ltd., and its network, strive to satisfy its customers by supplying promptly best quality marine equipment at competitive prices.

  • New Building Projects

    We are committed into offering exceptional newbuilding services to our clients, through our extensive global network, and qualified personnel. Our goal is to always ensure quality, reliability and the delivery of top-drawer results. We remain dedicated throughout the whole process and assure quality by close following up and monitoring. We provide guidance and advice to our clients through all of the stages of the newbuilding contract to ships delivery, aiming to provide the best possible outcome and maximize their value.

  • Post Fixture Operations

    Our commercial operations team offers outstanding support and guidance to the vessel’s owners, in relation to post fixture issues, so as to maximize efficiency and execute voyages flawlessly, always keeping safety at the highest priority. We are dedicated to providing constant monitoring of the voyages, ensuring the meticulous execution of charter parties, always keeping in mind to produce added value for our clients and serve their interest in the best possible way.

  • Sale and Purchase

    Great Shipping offers top quality and well- rounded Sale and Purchase services. Our broad experience and wide network allows us to provide global service, with constant support and guidance through extensive market knowledge and research. We aim to build trusting and prosperous relationships with our clients by providing ongoing consultation and sharing our knowledge and ideas, always in the most professional and discrete manner.

  • Ship Finance

    We assist owners in ship finance and arrange financing for new buildings or second hand ships with major international or local lending institutions

  • Ship Repair & Conversion

    Our thorough knowledge and networking within the shipyard market, combined with our experienced and qualified team, guarantee the best possible guidance and consultation throughout the Ship Repair and Conversion market, delivering optimal quality results with the most cost effective solutions.